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Finish What You Started Pin - Tibbin Designs
Finish What You Started Pin - Tibbin Designs

Finish What You Started Pin | RETIRED

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RETIRED 2021! Thank you to all who own this little piece of my soul!


  • 1" diameter
  • Gold-plated soft enamel
  • Colors: Off-white, black, orange, yellow, green, prismatic glitter
  • Single post

“Finish what you started, human.” — Kamaji, Spirited Away

It's the return of my darling skull, surrounded by everyone's favorite soot sprite's favorite treat, konpeito, also known as sugar stars!

1" wide, .75" tall, hard enamel with a nice epoxy coat. Gold plating on a single post, glitter mixed into the sugar stars, back stamped with my logo and mascot so you'll always remember where you got this little cutie of a pin.

Every order will also include a tiny pouch of sugar stars, perfect for snacking after a hard day of hauling coal at the spa!

(I like the idea of a human finishing what they started and being rewarded with sugar stars in the end as they shuffle off this mortal coil. A little dark, a little sweet, kind of like everything else I set out to do.)

Now with grades! B-Grades are priced at $7 and typical flaws are random flecks of glitter or tiny cracks in epoxy that are only noticeable when held at an angle. They're a little bit eXtRa and a little bit wonky, but still perfect for wearing on your favorite jacket, bag, or hat. B-grades get an extra pouch of sugar stars to sweeten the deal.