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Hustle & Glow Pin: Orange - Tibbin Designs
Hustle & Glow Pin: Orange - Tibbin Designs

Hustle & Glow Pin: Orange

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  • 1.25" diameter
  • Gold-plated soft enamel
  • Colors: Black, red, gold glitter
  • Single post

The inaugural pin of Tibbin Designs. Keep the hustle goin' but don't forget to stay positive and keep glowin' while you do it! You've totally got this!

What Bob Ross would call a happy accident, these cuties came out with some splashes of color instead of the all gold on black like I'd originally envisioned. (Let's just say I got carried away with my design schematics...)

Thanks to a generous golden sheen on the metal and a dash of glitter, this will catch anyone's eye and any source of light to help you glow your very best. ✨

Cast with black and red soft enamel and shiny gold plating. Black rubber clutch on the back. Measures 1.25" in diameter.

This is the orange variant: Gold glitter on red text, giving the appearance of orange, a positive and upbeat color.