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Super Flower Moon Aluminum Cuff

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Stamped and formed by hand. Each one is a little wabi-sabi, but that's what makes them perfect.

Made with 100% solid aluminum. Made to have a little give so you can better fit it to your wrist.

HEADS UP: This is an aluminum alloy and will tarnish over time. However, it will not rust, and it will not turn your skin green at the point of contact. Like all metals, though, it still does not like moisture. This includes (but is not limited to) water, lotions, and sweat. Do not wear in water (showering, swimming) or expose to prolonged periods of wetness, as this will fade the darkened areas faster. You can polish the bracelet back to its original demi-luster or allow it to matteify naturally. (I personally dig the aged matte look!)