Evil Eye Pin 🧿
Evil Eye Pin 🧿
Evil Eye Pin 🧿

Evil Eye Pin 🧿

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  • 1.25" diameter
  • Gold-plated hard enamel
  • Colors: Blue, light blue, white, black
  • Double post
  • Back stamp

Protect yourself from the evil gaze of another! 🧿

This evil eye enamel pin is based on nazar amulets and similar glass beads of those beautiful blue eyes found throughout the world since ancient times. The evil eye symbol is thought to protect the user from envious or bad glares by "returning to sender" the negative vibes being thrown, or protecting the wearer with its unblinking stare. This talisman can often be found hung near doors (like in my home!), worn on necklaces and bracelets, or even painted on boats! 

Perfect for jackets, hats, bags, or anywhere else you might want a little extra protection from bad vibes.

Original design by Tibbin Designs.